February 23rd, 2014 | Photos

THE THERMALS (Hutch Harris) | Los Angeles
Photos and words by Samantha Saturday
The Thermals brought out an unusually rowdy crowd to the Troubadour, giving me a taste of punk sole – literally – as a stage diver smacked me in the mouth with his dirty Vans during set closer “Here’s Your Future.” The crowd was crazy for Portland’s fun-loving lo-fi power pop trio. It’s hard to believe that little 16-year-old me saw the group over 10 years ago on the very same stage, just after the release of More Parts per Million. Even though a decade has passed since that early tour, the band’s stripped down aesthetic has stood the test of time. They’ve found a magic formula not to be messed with and rather than trying to constantly find a new sound, they’re perfecting what they do best.

Most of local girl Colleen Green’s tunes are about her crushes and boy troubles, but Green turns it around with clever lyrics and lo-fi guitar riffs. Tashaki Miyaki brought things down a bit with a mellow vibe as drummer/singer Lucy Miyaki connected with the crowd via her smooth, sultry voice.

You Will Find Me
Our Trip
Every Stitch
Returning to the Fold
Born To Kill
You Will Be Free
I Might Need You To Kill
The Sunset
End To Begin
Alone, a Fool
The Sword By My Side
St. Rosa and the Swallows
A Stare Like Yours
This Is How We Know
Faces Stay With Me
The Howl Of The Winds
I Don’t Believe You
Your Love Is So Strong
Where I Stand
Now We Can See
Here’s Your Future
No Culture Icons
A Pillar Of Salt