January 25th, 2013 | Photos

JESSIE WARE @The El Rey Theatre
Photos and words by Debi Del Grande
British singer/songwriter Jessie Ware made her first proper LA excursion with a stop at KCRW, Amoeba Records and a sold out show at The El Rey, where she loves a curtain. Charming, radiant and engaging are only a few words to describe the beautiful musician, who was nominated last year for her album Devotion for the highly-respected Mercury Prize.
“Can I just talk about how much I love L.A.? Why I love L.A.?”
Ware has three reasons: (1) three Jewish sisters whom she loves very much; (2) Tyler, the Creator is a lovely L.A. boy; and (3) while walking to soundcheck with her sister who said “Oh look, there’s Ryan Gosling.”
“It was fucking Ryan Gosling. Me and my sister scream in his face and then run out … So anyway, I love L.A.”
Couples swayed to Bobby Caldwell’s cover of “What You Won’t Do for Love,” while Ware’s song she wrote for her little brother “Taking in Water” gave a few chills.
The applause went on for what seemed like ten minutes after “Wildest Moments.” No encore. Not only does Ware not believe in it, she doesn’t have that much material. Yet.

Still Love Me
Night Light
If You Love Me (Brownstone cover)
110%/If You’re Never Gonna Move
Sweet Talk
Swan Song
Taking In Water
Something Inside
What You Won’t Do for Love (Bobby Caldwell cover)
No To Love/I Want You (Marvin Gaye cover)
Wildest Moments

Opener Rochelle Jordan (and that hair!) was on for such a short time, but enough to give us a reason why she is on this tour.