October 9th, 2012 | Photos

NEW ORDER (Bernard Sumner)
At times, I would forget I’m at the beautiful outdoor Greek Theatre and felt like I was at the dance club with my friends. One of the most influential bands in dance/atmospheric music and of the 80’s returned for a brief North American tour after 7 long years. Frontman and original Joy Division member Bernard Sumner (lead vocals/guitar) was in fine form despite a few mic difficulties early on. Shouts of “We can’t hear you!” were finally heard after “Ceremony” and “Age of Consent” were played, leaving no doubt this was going to be a party. Gillian Gilbert (synthesizers) has thankfully returned to the group and shared the stage with husband and original Joy Division member, drummer Stephen Morris (who doesn’t seem to age). I did miss “Regret” and “Shellshock” and was hoping someone like Phil Cunningham (guitar/synthesizers) would just start into them. No one should sit down during treasures like “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle.” And although there was some conversation throughout the night regarding the absence of Peter Hook and how incredible it would be if he were on stage (and it would be), Tom Chapman filled those shoes very, very well.
The touching encore tribute to Ian Curtis with film footage in the background (Joy Division Forever) had most at a standstill. “Atmosphere” had my friend in tears and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” couldn’t have rang more true. Ian Curtis must be grinning somewhere.
Photos/words by Debi Del Grande

Age of Consent
Isolation (Joy Division cover)
Love Vigilantes
Close Range
Your Silent Face
Bizarre Love Triangle
True Faith
The Perfect Kiss
Blue Monday
Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)