November 7th, 2011 | Photos

Amanda Palmer

There was no denying the unique Amanda Palmer would sell out El Rey Theater the Saturday before Halloween. Performing from her latest, Goes Down Under , as well as some beloved Dresden Doll tunes, the versatile punker dressed in cabaret attire shared the stage with her friends, including Jason Webley, The Jane Austen Argument and opener The Petrojvic Blasting Co. It was a night filled with costumes, carrots, plastic bottles with rocks in them for noisemakers and of course lots of music. Palmer, who smoothly went from keyboards to the ukulele, is the consummate entertainer. One of the many highlights was her version of “Friday,” as viewed by a prostitute at a truck stop. Also out now is Palmer’s collaboration with Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash as 8in8. Photos by Debi Del Grande