May 26th, 2010 | Photos

Silverlake Jubilee - Day 1
photography by Melissa Moore

Giving the Sunset Junction Street Fair a run for its money, this past weekend’s first annual Silver Lake Jubilee was an eco-friendly, food truck-filled, local band-heavy event that returned on its promises to “bring together all the eclectic and vibrant cultural enclaves” of the surrounding neighborhoods. Two stages and associated beer gardens flanked either end of the festival, with food trucks and local business booths run down the middle to feed you, clothe you, or educate you while meandering back and forth. Maybe it was inaugural year good luck, but there were plenty of stocked Porta-Pottys, clear sight lines for bands, and a plethora of grass and shade for catching up with friends or savoring your fourth spicy pork taco. And all for only $5? We’re eager to see how next year shapes up now that the word is officially out on the event’s success, but here’s hoping the feel-good vibe and lazy atmosphere doesn’t change in 2011.