February 24th, 2010 | Photos

The Entrance Band
photography by Ward Robinson

I’ve seen The Entrance Band before, and they are really good. A power trio full of the jammy heaviosity of early Blue Cheer, but modern, nimble, sexual. This show was different, though. This show was special. This was a real rock and roll show, a brilliant gut wrenching pagan festival. Bootleg was packed to the gills. There was an electricity in the air. Do people candy flip anymore? If so, people were candy flipping to The Entrance Band. It was like being at a great show at the Fillmore in 67 but squished into a tiny venue.

Guy drove his muscular, brilliant band as hard as he could for an hour, laying violent guitar lines over silky grooves. Paz, the sexiest woman alive, got a crazy grin on her face most of the way through the show, stripped off her bass and dove head iong into the crowd. When they came back for an encore there was another stage dive from Paz, Guy loudly killed his guitar and curled up shirtless in a ball on the floor screaming “blood blood blood blood blood” for 5 full minutes. After it was over and the band had piled onto of each other on the floor, Paz was carried backstage by some random guy from the audience and the dude next to me jumped up and shared a hug with Guy for several minutes.