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September 30th, 2019 | News

The Unclaimed are one of the L.A.’s area’s definitive and most dedicated 60s garage revival bands—when everyone else was captured by the spirit of 77, they were tearing through sets of the same destined-to-become classic 66 garage punk that would animate local institutions like Bomp!, Moxie, Dionysus and more. They were born before those Back From The Grave comps ever came out, and they came back (in Music Machine-style black) from the grave themselves to play the Ugly Things anniversary in 2013.

And now they’ve got a new EP on deck, featuring “You Never Come.” It’s true garage punk with one of those relentless riffs—think maybe Kit and the Outlaws or the Ventures’ non-swingin’ “Creeper“—powering a timeless tale of frustration and loneliness that’s very sentimentally compatible with the Caravelles’ “Self Service.”

Frontman Shelley Ganz has been at the head of the Unclaimed since their debut for the legendary Moxie label in 1980, so you can trust that he’s in complete command of this style. In an era when garage sometimes more means Posh Boy-style punk, the Unclaimed are working with more primordial stuff. “You Never Come” and three more are out next month on Groovie Records—get the EP here!—and check the full credits for the video below.

The Unclaimed perform “You Never Come” from the Groovie Records EP, The Unclaimed (GROO22EP) available at

The Unclaimed are Shelley Ganz (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Patrick Cleary (lead guitar/backing vocals), John Worley (bass/backing vocals), and Shaun Bryant (drums/percussion).

Cinematography: Angelica Monroy. Editing: Steve Moramarco.

(C) & (P) The Unclaimed and Great Mystery Publishing (BMI)