July 20th, 2009 | News

courtesy sean carnage

Download: Sean Carnage’s Mondays Megamix #2


We asked adopted Angeleno extraordinaire Sean Carnage to continue presenting his series of mixtapes collecting some of his favorite bands—local and otherwise. Here’s the second installment! (And click here if you missed the first!)

Los Angeles is currently at the beginning of a huge musical renaissance. There are so many local bands and performers—many of them Monday nighters—grabbing the national spotlight (like Abe Vigoda, Health, The Mae Shi, Captain Ahab and Nosaj Thing and the list goes on…).

But it’s the new, unheard of bands that continue to command my attention most. Why? The burst of creativity that accompanies a band’s initial birth is so pure and wonderful. For a diehard music fan, it’s like seeing all the possibilities of life expressed through sound. Here’s some more of the best new music. Do check them out!

The Press Fire! — “Hipster Crickets”
The Press Fire! seemed to come out of nowhere to upstage nearly everyone at one of the biggest Monday shows I ever hosted—the tribute to the songs of I.E. this past May. TPF!’s cover of Margot Padilla’s “You Think You’re Cool” was like one non-stop orgasm of confrontational brattiness. With “Hipster Crickets,” the Press Fire! has preserved that new attitude and applied it to one of their own self-penned creations. Perfection, non?

NASA Space Universe — Cover of unreleased White Flag song
In my last podcast I mentioned how sad I was NASA Space Universe broke up…but they hadn’t split! This OC unit is once again gigging around the area, packing shows at the Smell, and laying waste to everyone’s musical sensibilities with their raging hardcore. Like this—a cover of an unreleased White Flag song, recorded with Bill Bartell (aka Pat Fear).

Anavan — “Chicken & Cheese 2 (Originally by Foot Village)”
Notice how certain bands sound best when they work together with friends? Such is the case with Anavan and Foot Village. Here’s another Anavan re-working of a FV anthem. This time, the reference is not acid house, but Prince-like new wave funk. I can’t stop dancing (or singing in falsetto)! Go to http://footvillage.org/music/anti-magic-friends to learn about and hear mp3s from the Foot Village’s myriad collaborators.

Sex-S — “Sex Anonymous”

Sam Lubicz is another longtime Monday showgoer that (seemingly) pulled a talent for music right out of thin air. With support from Liam Morrison (drummer for the impeccably chaotic and rocking Amazements) Sam crafts some devilishly hook-y musical collages (like the one here released under his “Sex-S” moniker) and also toasts over freeform reggae tracks (as the outrageously racist/homophobic/misogynist “Jamaica Man”).

60 Watt Kid “2012”
Long Beach’s 60 Watt Kid make the perfect summer music. Witness “2012”—a sneak preview of an exciting new batch of recordings from the trio. The Kid’s burbling, repetitive, trance-inducing flow is perfect bed for singer Kevin’s wild and soulful vocals. It’s kind of like Elvis circa the year 3000, with Neu! as his back up band.

Double Dagger “We Are the Ones”

Double Dagger—a trio from Baltimore, Maryland—was one of the most physical bands I hosted all summer. They distill everything I love about ‘90s post-grunge underground music into a new style that feels totally fresh and progressive. And that’s what underground music is all about: taking the wreckage we’ve been left with by previous
generations and making something revolutionary—and beautiful—from the debris.

Sean Carnage Monday Nights (version 1.0) ends after four years and 200+ consecutive shows with a huge party—and complimentary Scoops Gelato cocktails! So be a part of history and make sure you attend Women (1852 Crenshaw, 9:30pm) on Monday, July 27th. Then I’m back with an all new run of Sean Carnage Mondays starting Monday, September 7th. My only credo: The best of the cutting-edge every Monday, and only five bucks…See you then?