July 5th, 2009 | News


Download: Sean Carnage’s Mondays mega-mix


We asked Sean Carnage—interviewed to mark his four years of D.I.Y. all-ages shows here—to make a mixtape that captures a bit of what he loves about music in L.A. Download and listen above and annotated tracklist by Sean below:

Realicide “Resisting The Viral Self”
Just a brief sample from Robert Inhuman, whose music on “Resisting the Viral Self”—despite it’s audiophonic brutality—is all too human and affecting.

Winners “Mega Dik”
Andrew, the singer of “Mega Dik,” was something of a Monday Night super fan for years. When he later started making music with Eva (aka Kevin Shields), I was pleasantly surprised. These two are up north now, and I’m crossing my fingers they continue with their joyfully confrontational band.

The Amazements “Tutti Frutti”

“Tutti Fruit” is a song off the Amazements’ new Peter’s Poolboys’ LP Sticky Rubies. They’re kinda like Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band wrestling U.S. Maple in a hot tub full of beer: avant garde and loose.

I.E. “You Think You’re Punk”
“You Think You’re Punk” could only have been written by Margot Padilla. Margot’s Totally Mag! magazine is a sick send-up of celebrity pop culture and perfectly compliments her music.

Mikki & the Mauses
Here’s a new band with a devastatingly catchy track. They’re playing my four year anniversary show on July 27th, and I’m really excited about that after all this time, there’s so many new bands to discover.

NASA Space Universe
NASA Space Universe apparently broke up recently, but I’m holding out hope for new music from these OC bros because, even a year after I got this track, I am still listening to it all the freaking time! Perfect for after work/school venting.

John Thill
Thill’s also moved up north, but he was just back for a Monday night appearance to remind us all what genius creations his acoustic jams are.

Foot Village “Crow Call (Anavan remix)”
The members of Foot Village and Anavan have been big Monday supporters, and if there was any justice in the world, this remix would be burning up dance floors around the planet

Kyle H. Mabson “Don’t Stop Believin”

“Don’t Stop Believin'” sums the Sean Carnage Mondays story very nicely I think. My Monday partner Kyle created this…I only included a short excerpt—if you are brave there’s a twenty minute version that will take the top of your head off. Enjoy!