August 30th, 2008 | News

Report from Rebekah at Penny Ante, who were helping throw a benefit for abused children:


We had a large blog entry written up this morning concerning what went down last night at Dave Young’s… About how saddened we were that what started off as a sincerely mellow, friend-filled benefit for Free Arts for Abused Children was quickly shut down due to a somewhat aggressive police “sting” operation.

However, for legal reasons, this blog entry cannot be posted.

What we will state is that Dave Young’s was SHUT DOWN last night. He might be facing fines of up to $15k, possibly more. His court date is September 19th.

Anyone who knows Dave Young, knows he is a good guy. He has opened his home up for SIX years to his friends and causes that better and strengthen our community. He has housed local and out of town bands, artists, put them up, fed them, and more, and has charged nothing to make these things happen.

In the beginning of the night while setting up, we were speaking with Dave, thanking him profusely for allowing Penny-Ante to bring our idea of a once-a-month show to help a nonprofit to his home, and just as Dave has said many times throughout the course of us working with him, “That’s what I’m here for. Whatever I can do – This space is for my friends and the community.”

There are no words to express the impact his giving nature and gallery space has had on the Los Angeles community and it will go down in history.

We have set-up a donation button to help raise funds for the coming fines Dave Young will face. To those of you who have ever enjoyed a show at Dave Young’s home, or to the countless bands Dave Young has welcomed into his home, please show your appreciation by giving what you can.

The smallest donations can make the difference in the coming month.

Please follow this link, to make your donation:


We’d like to say thank you to E.S.P.S., Weave!, Fancy Space People, Rainbow^Arabia, Sharif Dumani of The Moon Upstairs, Devendra Banhart, and Jason Yates of Fast Friends Inc. for either getting off work, rearranging their schedules, lugging gear, making costumes, sacrificing their time and/or putting in the effort to help raise money for Free Arts for Abused Children.

We apologize to those bands that did not end up playing: Fancy Space People and Rainbow Arabia. It is unfortunate, but we’re happy to hear reports from Don that the party was taken elsewhere.

To those who helped out for free – Phoebe, Kelsey, Sharif, and others from Dave’s camp – and to those of you who came out (in time) to give and HELP PENNY-ANTE RAISE $833.42 FOR FREE ARTS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN, which will be delivered to Free Arts this Tuesday, September 2nd.

This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to what we, as a community, can do. It is unfortunate that people were forced away, as this monetary amount could have been much higher.

Thanks to the fire marshall for the light show spectacle and to the cops for the dick-sized flashlights in our faces.

Most of all, and more sincerely, we’d like to thank Dave Young, for not only helping our cause last night, but for all his past support he’s thrown toward Penny-Ante and others in the community, and for the years of good times, good bands, love, support, and free drinks.

Please do what you can to help.



Photos are being posted of this event HERE. However, we were barked at to stop taking pictures by the cops, so we weren’t able to get too much.

This will not be the end of this idea; Penny-Ante will moving ahead in September with our next charity event and we look forward to working with Fancy Space People and Rainbow Arabia again at some point.

We will keep you updated on the status of Dave Young and his space.

Any help spreading the word on this donation button is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

DISCLAIMER: Free Arts was very aware of this benefit and were pleased by the idea of Penny-Ante and others helping to raise money for their work, but this party was in NO WAY endorsed by Free Arts for Abused Children.

Dave Young and 6th Street are long-time friends and supporters of L.A. RECORD. We encourage any readers who can to donate and wish him the best with this difficult situation. For a direct link to donate, click here.