August 28th, 2013 | Live reviews

WIFE is a seamless amalgamation of equal parts dance (nature), technology (the future) and magic (L.A.). Following a narrative about the beginning of time, three women used their bodies to move their way through gorgeous projected images to ultimately ascend into a pure light totem pole covered in alchemical symbolism.

WIFE presented us with seven minutes of skillfully choreographed performance complete with projections that synced up with their motions, bounced off their bodies and into the audience like tiny psychic arrows captivating everyone into searching for the fine details of storytelling. Los Angeles is generating more artists who use 3D projection mapping to accompany their dance. Not only does it look beautiful and offer a never ending list of possibilities to the genre but it gets completely transcendent when you allow your body to dissolve, like literally dissolve into light. You can dance as if you are trying to embody the light, or interpret how light would dance, but in “The Grey Ones,” WIFE IS the light. This is a new epoch for cultural innovation. Ha! No really, it is. Watching WIFE feels like you are watching something that couldn’t happen at any other time, and is also the beginning of something new.

Amon Tobin’s music was the perfect counterpart to this work and WIFE is featured on his 2012 box set. Check out WIFE and see more of its members Nina McNeely, Jasmine Albuquerque, and Kristin Leahy at wifewifewife.com

—Kim Thompson