August 28th, 2013 | Live reviews

This show was much like a global taste-maker showcase. The evening began with the subtle, happy folk sounds of The Melodic, an intriguing 5-piece from the UK. The members of the band bring an exciting blend of instruments to the table including the Charango, Melodica, and Kora, which lends plenty of room to make music that is hard not to love.

After The Melodic came Said The Whale, an alternative rock outfit based out of Vancouver, BC. Said The Whale has really energetic songs, great for getting rowdy. With the combination of alternative rock influences and modern day indie harmonies, there is something engaging about the sounds you hear. It’s a bit 90’s, but not too cheesy.

Headlining this epic evening of music was the Nashville-based 6-piece, Kopecky Family Band. Kopecky blew my mind with their musicianship, lyricism, energy, and guts. You could taste the flavor they brought from the South, and it tasted fantastic. This group has been around a few years now, with several tours and records under its belt. They began this journey together and as they’ve explored new sounds and territories together, it’s no surprise that they would grow to become a small family.

Playing a mix of tunes from upbeat, rhythmic tracks like the popular song “Heartbeat” to slow, emotionally driven songs like “Change”, there was never a dull moment. I loved the sort of creative and out-of-the-box ideas they brought into their live performance. At one point, Kelsey, the singer and keys player, picked up a chain and, with the beat, started to drop it onto a snare. It’s this type of environment and quality of showmanship that they present, time after time.

—Brendon Goldwasser