June 26th, 2013 | Live reviews

On Thursday night of last week, the small, yet rowdy crowd at The Bootleg was lucky enough to be a part of quite the live concert experience. As the opening acts finished their sets, one after the other, the audience grew, as did the excitement. I enjoy watching crowds grow; it means that fans want to be there right when the headlining band goes on. On this night, NYC’s The Dig was the headliner and they made quite an impression on me. They sounded well-rehearsed and extremely focused on making their set dynamic.

The Dig’s music is a driving force of very rhythmic drum patterns, raw electric guitar elements, and airy vocals that capture your attention. The sound is a combination of standard rock and roll procedures with an indie, minimalist approach that feels a bit 1960’s inspired. The musicians played some classic instruments, like an old, beat up Fender bass and some older keys and organs. I would compare some of their songs to The Strokes, but The Dig definitely has its own unique retro sound. I found it hard to figure out who they sounded like.

The set consisted of up-tempo and slow-build jams, including both new and old songs. Right as the band got on stage and got comfortable, they kicked it off by getting right into the second track off of the new Tired Hearts EP, titled “How Can You Trust A Feeling”. Then they played the first 3 tracks from their 2012 release Midnight Flowers. The rest of the set was mostly tracks from their newest EP and occasionally a track or two from their older stuff.

The musicians were friendly, entertaining, funny, and just really glad to be playing an intimate set in L.A. They mentioned that they had a residency here a few weeks back and lived here now, so they refer to Los Angeles as their second home.

—Brendon Goldwasser