March 13th, 2011 | Live reviews

I walked in to Burger Records in Fullerton, greeted by the slimy green walls and the regal cat sitting on a couch, named Eleanor. When I found out that Pangea was playing with The Lovely Bad Things and Tijuana Panthers at Burger just a city away from me, for free, my initial thought was, “Could a show be any more perfect?” Pangea is from Newhall, CA, and they have that upbeat surf-y sound that goes wonderfully with The Lovely Bad Things and Tijuana Panthers. You can tell a lot about their attitude and sound from the names of their songs. They started it up with “To Drunk To Come” (the appropriate spelling written on my note card courtesy of William, the lead singer and guitarist), a very fast paced mosh-worthy song at first that slows down into a 1960s reminiscent beat. They then played “Get Away Free,” a fun song that made us all break a sweat in the ill ventilated sardine can that Burger Records became. Next was “Hold My Hand,” which forced me to take my Cosby sweater off and dance like I was an American Bandstand girl (except Pangea wasn’t lip syncing). William said “Thanks for clapping you guys,” as they then played “Shitty,” which has that old surf sound with a new age twist, because obviously The Routers wouldn’t title a song “Shitty.” William said “This is our last song. Thanks for putting up with us. We appreciate it.” He then began their last and favorite one, “No Feelin’,” which made the crowd go wild. The stop-and-start drum beat and the loudly defined bass definitely didn’t stop anyone from dancing, and neither did the heat of the record shop.

Next up was The Lovely Bad Things, following Pangea complimentary with their “surf punk” music. It is impossible to be uninterested when the first song they played is about a cat named “Kevin.” This song is incredibly addicting, every instrument perfectly audible and catchy. Even when it slows down in the middle, the crowd was still feeling it. They went on to the next track, “Why,” which slowed us down progressively, but it was still beguiling. This song sounds very happy, but the lyrics include, “I slit your throat, and took you up to the San Francisco Bridge,” which makes it all the more badass. Following was the song that everyone always feels the need to mosh to, “Cocaine Werewolf Super Awesome Fun Time.” Even though saying the title is a bitch, my adoration for this song won’t stop because it’s too fast and fun to ever let anyone lose interest. They then played two new ones entitled “Old Ghost” and “Earnest Goes to Hamster Stratosphere,” as they all switched instruments and showed everyone’s individual talents. Lauren belted it out in “Earnest,” and we were all able to hear her beautiful strong voice more clearly. They played “Dinosaur Song,” which is awesome enough in sound, and the fact that it’s about the dad in Step Brother’s makes it all the more. Last was “Wematanye” (in reference to King Of The Hill), an amazing song that puts me both on a wave, and on my couch watching King.

Next was the band we were all entranced by. I was lucky enough to be standing right in front of Tijuana Panthers, and I of course danced with Dan through their whole set. They played everyone’s favorite, “Creature,” which will never cease to be a phenomenal song. It’s just about the most fun song there is to dance to. They played my favorite, “Crew Cut,” an amusing anthem for all those cute crew-cutted men out there. I believe I was singing it so loud that the mic might have caught me. After that came “Don’t Shoot Your Guns,” which has more of a nice British pop punk sound to it. A few in the audience shouted “Bainbridge!” and they decided on “Boardwalk” instead, a song that puts you right on the pier. Tijuana did “Redheaded Girl,” which is a sweet song that put Lauren from TLBT on all of our minds. TJ Panthers once again covered “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” by the Buzzcocks. A classic song that’s catchy as hell, and they do a hell of a job at covering it. They finally gave those crazy kids “Bainbridge,” as Dan danced with us, and he said “This one’s for the ladies,” as they quickly went into “Girl Gone Wild”—and, yes, subsequently we went wild. I hope that these three bands reunite during the summer to play their fast-fun-surf-punk-badass music and play right on the beach, and we can all go surfing together afterwards.

—Alyssa Holland