September 27th, 2010 | Live reviews

Anna Oxygen (R) and Cristine Diane Tatomar (L) by Rick Mendoza

THE SERIES is a monthly theatrical experiment slash party on the Standard, Downtown LA’s rooftop. Producer Nicole Disson fuses her talents as mover and shaker, putting on a social event and dancing in it. We’ll call it a dance because overall, during the last one, movement played a part in every stop at this party theater. In a succession of follow-the-leader, girls wearing balloon-legged designer sack outfits led the audience to different locations on the roof; each spot a new scene. The show began as Disson stared at a guy by the bar. They started moving towards each other.  After a long eye courtship, they finally hugged then something went sour and she ran off. Rather than chase after, he ordered a drink, typical guy move. The audience was “cast” as party voyeurs, actually stalking the performers by following them from place to place. It began with that discreet barside scene and progressed to actions under spotlight in which typical L.A. poolside bar party behavior got atypical performative twists. A couple sits at a table, a group tromps through the bushes and pulls imaginary strings from their mouths, another group cuts their way through a building made of paper—with coordinated dance moves throughout and all of them dressed in designs by Diaz of Clothesline.

Jasmine Albuquerque, Diaz, Isabelle Albuquerque by Rick Mendoza

The performers included Disson, Hecuba’s Isabelle Albuquerque, and multiple pieces by her choreographer-dancer sister, Jasmine, guest director Mecca Vazie Andrews, and Ali Helnwein and the Traction Avenue Chamber Orchestra, among others. The girl in 1980s leotard with sunglasses, on a pedestal, posing under her own handheld fluorescent light, while Anna Oxygen and Oliwa jumped on the couches in post-aerobic electro triumph, was definitely one of the dancers in the musical New. last Spring. All the pieces in one way or another referenced buildings, structures, and being where we were: The Standard, Downtown LA, a place for abstract behavior by the city’s stylishly experimental.

Daiana Feuer