September 24th, 2010 | Live reviews

“All The Shallows Deep” instantly transforms the vibe in the room as it starts Blank Blue’s set. Ever had a nightmare of being overtaken by waves and you can’t escape? This song is the opposite. The wave appears. You fearfully turn around and the 70 foot swell washes over, lifting your feet off the ground and absorbing you like a noodle. Rather than some awful panicked death, your eyes open and you’re OK, surrounded by a swirling undersea world filled with sponges, anemones twirling like windmills, and the distant calls of dolphins, seals and whales. The immense pressure of all this water feels like nothing. You’re like an empty vessel through which all wonderful sensations pass through. It’s very psychedelic work and the combined talents of Elvin Estela aka Nobody’s slippery guitar, Niki Randa’s echoey singing, Andres Renteria unraveling on drums and Brian Akio Martinez trying to deepen the sound system barrier on bass do very well to create this at the bottom of the ocean soothing mind-explosion. The beat-heads were bobbing to it at the Airliner, even swaying for the ballady songs and rocking when things got a little rockin’ towards the end of the set. For those who seek that amplified peaceful feeling watching bubbles rise to the surface far away.

Daiana Feuer