July 21st, 2010 | Live reviews

As Sunday midnight hit the God-forbidden 6th St bridge that potentially harbors nomadic trolls, the dangling lights in the 6th St Warehouse dimmed on the cool and composed crowd that gathered around a wall-to-wall half-pipe and stage. The intimate venue lodged a tame crowd for the FYF Presents event that was more drowned in melody than the Tecate they were downing. Amidst it all was a candlelight ceremony-like occurrence that traced the shadows of the blog-hyped band fittingly called Cults. This band, formerly shrouded in mystery, is no longer a silhouette duo because they have more than tripled with a total of six members:  Madeline Follin (vocals) and Brian Oblivion (guitar/vocals) now have four additional band mates that harmoniously bear long locks as if they were Kings of Leon meets The Z-Boys.

Cults were the last act preceeded by Superhumanoids, Charles Young, and Crystal Antlers. They began with no interruptions with the exception of a tall story. “The Curse” was played in the beginning and summoned any western dry spells, acting like a cactus cooler to the collective perspiration. “Most Wanted” is a mix of wishful thinking and a beehive-less Shangri-Las with topics about dainty despair sung with cutesy nagging. “Go Outside” succeeded the ever-so bouncy and aquatic “Oh My God,” giving the crowd what they’ve been longing for since the Bandcamp days. The room stopped after that because the band couldn’t give any encore performances for the lack of familiarity with other songs.

Cults have not only grown in terms of their fan-base, but also as a traveling band with their first-ever Los Angeles show. Madeleine and Brian get by with the help of their friends as well as family, since Will McLaren and Madeline’s brother Richie James of Willowz joined the band. All long-haired friends may look alike, but Cults look like a revival movement of 1960s soul and pop that incorporate the likes of Jim Jones, too.

Katrina Guevara