L.A.s Justus Proffit has been not-so-quietly working in L.A. for years, but his recent EP with Jay Som really got some attention—which makes it a perfect time to reveal his full-length debut L.A.’s Got Me Down, recorded mostly after midnight in studios across the city. Single “Hole” is Sebadoh-adjacent lo-fi indie rock with a dark, deliberate and distinctive kind of pop sensibility, like Elliott Smith’s early 90s outfit Heatmiser or maybe even home-taped Nirvana demos. It’s a song that reveals itself slowly and carefully—it’s catchy but not cuddly, and melodic but not sweet, and as part of an album called L.A.’s Got Me Down, it could work just perfectly. Like a lot of slightly off-center songs, it came from a dream, says Proffit: “In the dream, I could build anything I wanted. I was like God in a way. It was one of those dreams you wake up and think about all day.” Proffit’s L.A.’s Got Me Down is out Mar. 8 on Bar/None—home of the Feelies, Alex Chilton and more! Justus Proffit’s next show is with the crushing Cat Scan at Alex’s in Long Beach on Sun., Feb. 17—get tickets here!—and the L.A.’s Got Me Down record release is Thurs., Mar. 7, at Zebulon.