December 18th, 2008 | Interviews

emily ryan

Download: Nobunny “Boneyard”


(from Love Visions)

Nobunny is the feral animal version of the Ramones or the Quick (or the slightly more civilized response to Hasil Adkins) and he will be bringing his bubblegum and his bunny mask to Echo Curio tonight. He speaks now from something that is not a liquor store. This interview by Dan Collins.

Were you just at the liquor store?

No, I was just at a ‘collectible toys, vintage clothing, and more!’ store.
That seems thematically appropriate. Do you wear the bunny mask all the time? Are you wearing it right now?
I’m not, but someone’s doing a documentary soon, and I’m gonna be Nobunny for a month, and crawl everywhere I go. That’s the plan. We’re having our first meeting when I get back from tour. I’m stoked.
Have you ever been wearing your mask, and you forget kind of, and you go into a liquor store and they think you’re going to rob the place?
I can’t say that’s happened. I have gone into stores, but I’m pretty conscious about it. I get a little giggle out of it. People seem to like it for the most part.
Does it work with the ladies? Have you ever gotten busy while wearing the mask?
Actually, here in Austin, Texas, just last night!
A quick BJ or the full-on bunny treatment?
Oh yeah, I made love! Rabbits make love! She was wearing one of those Henry Darger masks—he painted those paintings of the Vivian girls, those little girls with the penises and stuff—and she had a Vivian girl mask on and I was wearing the bunny mask.
I need to stop talking about this, because I’m getting turned on! You played Chick-a-go-go in Chicago a couple years ago. You play for kids sometimes?
Absolutely! I started off wanting to be a children’s performer—trying to keep it really PG and stuff—but then, you know, some of my id came out, and it started getting a little creepier. But I still can do PG shows, or G shows. I try to keep it really positive, even when it’s not.
What’s your favorite G-rated movie?
Probably Head—the Monkees movie! Probably the only G-rated movie I’ve ever heard of that has an execution in it. That guy in Vietnam who gets his brains blown out.
And there’s a joint in it, too—in the vacuum cleaner! Well, I have less of a question next—more of a statement. The Ramones, the Ramones, the Ramones, the Ramones, the Ramones.
Absolutely. 100%. I wish I didn’t do that cover! Not that I don’t love the Ramones—they’re the greatest band ever. But I wish I didn’t do that cover. In hindsight, it’s pretty cheesy. But that’s why I totally wanted to be the L.A. RECORD cover! I mean, I still want to be in it either way, but it’s like, I already have this fucking Ramones cover…
It’s like you’re made to order! So you’re playing tonight with thee Makeout Party and the Rough Kids?
Yeah, I’m super excited. I love that Makeout Party so much.
They’re pretty good! If they had to do a Ramones cover, what should they do?
‘Danny Says.’ Why not?
I’ve listened to your music, and here’s some serious Kasenetz-Katz in there. What’s better—punk or bubblegum?
Punk rock, man, all the way! I’m a punk rocker. But I don’t know, that’s hard. I dunno—folk! No, I hate folk music. Shit. I couldn’t choose. This is going to seem cheesy, but it’s all the same difference. Bubblegum, punk rock, country, R&B: it’s all rock and roll at the end of the day.
Speaking of country, have you heard of Gram Rabbit? Would you ever play on the same stage with them?
I don’t know who they are, but I would!
I just envision a showcase of all bunny bands. Have you heard of the Goddess Bunny?
Yes! He’s like the tranny with severe MS? I would be so into it. I like trannies. I like bunnies. Why not? I do know there’s a bunch of bunny bands. Someone just pointed out to me Unbunny—it’s kinda like Nobunny, but…
But not as good!
I finally played with the Rhythm Chicken a couple days ago—a one-man rabbit band that plays drum solos in bathrooms for ten minutes for a case of beer. He’s the Rhythm Chicken, I’m Nobunny, so neither of us are really rabbits, right?
You both have Easter connotations for sure, though. You both have eggs! So, what’s your lineup like right now? Do you have people who play behind you?
Right now there’s a four-piece band, but it’s always rotating. Anyone’s welcome to do it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a musician or not. The only rule I have is that I refuse to practice. I hate practice. Practice is like homework—I hate homework, and I hate school. I just want it to be fun, and to me, practicing is not fun. Anyone can play, they just have to learn the songs and show up.
Who are your one-man band heroes? You have any inspirations?
Hasil for sure. For me, Hasil Adkins and the Ramones. And the Quick—maybe not quite as obvious. I like Bob Log, Elvis, you know. I like strong personalities, whether they’re a one-man band or not. I like Sly Stone, Brian Wilson—you know, that kind of mad genius thing. Not to say I’m a mad genius, but I’m mad.
You said you like to keep positive and stuff. Have you ever gotten into the G.G. Allin area where you’re poopin’ and peein’ on people?
Yeah, but I think that can be a positive thing too. It’s fine to just let it all hang loose, so to speak. It’s often times bloodshed, and urine and kisses and all that fun stuff. We had blood in Flagstaff, we had blood in Vegas…
What happened?
Oh, just sort of kicks. I sometimes give razors in our prop bags. Some fun bloodshed. Mix it up a little. More colors, make it more colorful.
Have you ever carved Bugs Bunny into your arm?
I have not! It’s been mostly words, but it’s been mostly illegible. At this point my chest looks like a map. I come from a long line of cutters. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. We all have to figure out what’s wrong for ourselves, and it’s certainly not bad to bleed or pee.
Have you ever gotten any horrible diseases while on tour?
Nothing too horrible. My mouth gets pretty beat up. I’d be shocked and amazed if I don’t have herpes. I’ve never actually seen a cold sore, but I do split my lip with the mike a lot, so I’m assuming I’ll get it any day now.
Have you ever been hauled away by the police, with a bunny mask on?
No, I’m a good person. I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me. I have love and respect for their police. They’re just doing their job. I’m okay with cops. I’m not punk rock like that.
Somebody’s got to take care of the bad guys.
I’ve definitely experienced more of them being jerks than cool, but I’m okay with that. I believe there are some people there who really want to make a difference and do the right thing. And I think that’s really admirable. I don’t judge anyone on what they do, I judge people person to person, one at a time.
Any special surprises for the L.A. show? Any tricks you’re going to pull out of your hat?
Yeah, but you know I can’t let them out. But I will have a special surprise treat for L.A. I want to show off for thee Makeout Party!