November 1st, 2007 | Interviews

dan monick

Since GSL announced that they are quitting, we have posted this interview with Sonny from the end of last year. GSL was a great label that always supported L.A. RECORD and they will be very missed by us and others.

What do you think is the future of independent labels? 1993 already seems really remote.
It’s getting to the point where it’s viable for people to sidestep labels and release whatever straight on the Internet and market themselves directly—
Like get a PR agent and not even bother with a label?
Exactly, and I think labels adapting to that kind of makes sense in a way—whether we adapt that way over time remains to be seen. I was born too late to experience the sort of golden era of doing this stuff—I don’t mean that in terms of underground or independent music because I think that shit’s been an uphill battle since day one. There’s glory in the accomplishments but no glory in the fight. If I could exist and be part of any era—for me, the sort of fun part is designing covers and that stuff—I’d probably make myself an executive for some megacompany in 1974 or 1975.

From Vol. 1 No. 19: read complete interview here.