March 8th, 2018 | Album reviews


If you’ve been wondering what the perfect marriage between psych-rock and post-punk sounds like in 2018, Prism Tats has the answer: their latest album, Mamba combines the two to for a sophomore release that you won’t want to miss. From the beginning of the album, Garett van der Spek—the man behind Prism Tats—hits the listener with an overwhelming sound that pulls you into a universe where anxiety runs high and technology drives it higher. “Follow the light into my eyes / electronic pulses trigger involuntary sighs,” he sings on “Brainwaves,” a track which ultimately erupts in volcanic fashion. There are occasional low-key moments on Mamba, like “Ocean Floor,” a slower song built on a simple drum sample and punctuated by droning keys. But the standouts on this album include “Vamps”—a pounding and extremely danceable track about psychic vampires—and “Live Like Dogs,” perhaps the most straightforward rock song of the album. Here you can really hear the influence of producer Chris Woodhouse, who has worked closely with Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. Mamba moves toward this rock sound as it develops, changing from the sharpness of “Vamps” and “Brainwaves” at the beginning as it prepares for the complicated (and ambitiously produced) title track, which is a treat to listen to with a good set of headphones. However, if the final track—the acoustic guitar driven “Doomed”—is any indication, Prism Tats’ all-too-relatable anxiety is still in effect no matter how quiet things get.

—Julia Gibson