February 16th, 2018 | Album reviews

Hot Tears EP
Innovative Leisure

It’s clear Pinky Pinky hasn’t wasted the year since their self-titled 2017 debut EP. Hot Tears is the product of a band that’s been busy experimenting with the bounds of their rock ‘n’ roll sound, and they’ve learned a thing or two along the way. First up is “Margaret,” an extremely catchy tune that showcases just how well Eva Chambers’ thrumming bass riffs, Isabelle Fields’ no-nonsense guitar and Anastasia Sanchez’s unique—at times mournful—voice work together. Each of the five songs on the EP rocks in its own right, but “Dander” is by far the heaviest track: here, Fields’ guitar takes center stage and delivers relentlessly heavy, distorted riffs. Follow-up “Fish Bones” shuffles back into psych territory, and even though the lyrics sketch out the scene of an unsettling trip to a bone-covered beach—“The carbon strains the air / the murky water bleached my hair”—the song culminates in a fun and dance-y organ breakdown. This song and the title track showcase just how deftly Pinky Pinky is able to combine two (or more) very different ideas and create a piece of music that is more than the sum of its parts. This relatively new band obviously has so much more experimentation ahead of them. We don’t know exactly what that will yield in the future, but if Hot Tears is any indication, it will rock.

—Julia Gibson