July 11th, 2017 | Album reviews

Albeit Living

If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see that Sextile describes their band’s sound as “primitive post-punk from outer space.” From that description alone, you may surmise that their latest release, Albeit Living, is a frenetic and unique musical ride: and you would be right. True to their name, all the musical aspects of Sextile work together brilliantly, blending the best of the genres they pull from and amplifying each other to form an awesome sound. The band pulls from the sounds of angular post-punk on “Das Cat,” incorporates elements of straight ahead 70’s punk on “Mental,” nods to psychedelic garage influences on “Who Killed Six” and blends in some dark wave on “Ripped.” Despite these varied influences, the record, released on felte, remains unified and complex, never disjointed. From start to finish, Albeit Living is a shock to the system. The album kicks off with the synth-heavy track “One of These” and doesn’t let up through the final dark industrial track “AVC,” proving that Sextile is a band with unstoppable energy and immense versatility.

—Julia Gibson