March 10th, 2017 | Album reviews


There isn’t necessarily anything new about the sounds that Telephone Lovers are exploring on their self-titled debut. Yet when a band plays good old-fashioned, no bells-and-whistles, late-70s power-pop rock and roll with passion and soul, it sounds just as fresh and exhilarating as it ever did. With obvious nods to the punk rawness and intensity of bands like the Dead Boys and the Ramones, the power-pop hooks of the Nerves, and the glammy guitar stylings of the Sweet, the New York Dolls and David Bowie, Telephone Lovers pack in all the heartfelt riffs, thumping rhythms, and instantly sing-along-able vocals one might ever want. Songs like “Downtown Girl,” “Little Bit O’ Money,” and “Turn It Around” are absolute rumblers that should drive any person with a set of ears and appetite for this type of music wild. Though the tunes are simple and straightforward, it’s easy to hear that a lot of care and consideration went into crafting each song. Most importantly, the record sounds incredibly honest and genuine, so much so that it should come packaged with an old leather jacket, a pack of Lucky Strikes and a cold Coors. In a genre where authenticity is king, it’s easy to tell from these recordings that Telephone Lovers are playing from the heart—and playing as hard as they can.

—Simon Weedn