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March 3rd, 2017 | Album reviews

Freedom Is Free

The term “melting pot” gets thrown around liberally these days, but few bands embody that term so truly as Los Angeles’s own Chicano Batman. For nine years the band has been building a reputation not just as one of the hardest working groups in town, but also for creating one of the most sonically rich, diverse, and distinct styles going. Freedom Is Free is Chicano Batman’s third full-length and captures the band’s genre-bending sound as it hits its greatest peaks yet. Picking up where they left off on 2014’s Cycles Of Existential Rhyme, Chicano Batman’s songs wash over listeners like waves from the Pacific Ocean. The group continues to deliver tunes with elements of reverb-soaked psychedelia, classic soul and vintage South American and Mexican pop. Though their influences are highly varied, the music that they make never sounds unfocused or uncoordinated. In fact, it might be difficult to find a band who blends these styles so seamlessly. In a time where the world can seem so divisive and cruel, bands like Chicano Batman are more important than ever. Freedom Is Free continues the band’s trajectory of knocking down the walls that separate genres, but also challenges us to bring down the ideas and institutions that separate us from one another.

— Simon Weedn