February 20th, 2017 | Album reviews

Outside (Briefly)

The moment I heard the opening track on Froth’s previous album Bleak, I knew I’d be a fan. Their music hits you with a rare kind of weight and intensity, and the songs eloquently capture the emotional states of nostalgia, love, sorrow, and at times happiness—all the while still remaining very much in the moment. The band loves droned-out guitar riffs and shoegaze-y melodies that carry you off to elevated planes, and while their previous album was a bit heavier—a few songs even had thrashier moments—Outside (Briefly) plays with subtlety, as well as a few more electronic synth sounds that weren’t as present before. Standouts include “Shut the Windows,” an understated lo-fi song with fuzzed-out vocals that carries the listener away in a daze. “Petals” starts off with a simple and slow melodic guitar riff and distorted vocals, adding in drums and other instruments until the song breaks through and becomes a great ballad. The album goes uptempo about halfway through with poppy elements as well as some surf and psych rock riffs before it comes down to end with the Elliott Smith esque track “Briefly.” This is another great album from the band and I look forward to seeing it live.

— Zachary Jensen