February 17th, 2017 | Album reviews


I think it’s safe to say we are in a golden age of garage rock in Southern California, and Mind Meld carries on that tradition. Make no mistake: this self-titled album is a scorcher all the way through. The accelerator is down the entire time on this record, and the asphalt is left shattered in its wake. Liz Tooley’s (formerly of Endless Bummer) drumming craters any stage she happens to be on, and Erik Lake’s (of Jesus Sons) bass playing enters into seamless dialogue with Bert Hoover’s (also of Jesus Sons) guitar playing, creating a dynamic that openly pushes to transcend the psych-garage genre. Labeling Mind Meld as a psych or garage band does a disservice to what is taking place here—it’d be lazy to assert that it sounds like this or that band, regardless of the service it might do to the reader of this piece. Mind Meld has a character that defies easy description, but is nonetheless felt on each of these songs. There is a yearning on this record that drives … no, more like powers the sheer locomotive force of this record. The need to be heard and felt is apparent in the playing here, which coalesces into a fury that expresses the sheer joy of the process of creation. Do yourself a favor—just once!—and get this record.

—Nathan Martel