November 11th, 2016 | Album reviews

Orange Sunshine OST
Varese Sarabande

When an artist gets too comfortable, they leap over borders into altogether new lands. At least a true and innovative artist does, and Matt Costa is no rookie when it comes to pushing his own limitations. Orange Sunshine is the indie singer-songwriter’s first movie score. The 17-track soundtrack explores a mystical landscape and justly so: Orange Sunshine is a documentary about “a church formed in the early 60s by a group of surfers-slash-hippies in Orange County who wanted to change the world with psychedelic drugs.” The folk-ish musician effortlessly departs the niche where successful singles like his 2008 pop hit “Mr. Pitiful” originate, delivering instead a psychedelic rock sound—he’s shifted gears to create something entirely new. Groovy electronic effects and nontraditional pop instruments like the trumpet and harmonica appear alongside the omnipresent influence of Indian music, persistent throughout the film score. “Sit With Timothy” and “Soul Full of Orange,” especially, are Matt’s best examples of his chameleonic ability. The latter is full of zealously upbeat instruments, the guitar is twangy, and a dynamic tambourine is throwing off sparks. His inner indie rocker of reemerges (slightly) on “Call My Name,” the album’s first single, but fans will be amazed to see how their favorite musician can transcend genre but still turn in a gorgeous vinyl-ready love song like “I’ll Always Come To You,” an apt representation of Costa’s ability to continuously make his way into the heart of any scene he chooses.

—Dana Marquez