October 28th, 2016 | Album reviews

“Pointers” / “Respond To Heat” 7”

This debut two-song slab also features Reuben Kaiban (White Murder, Die Group) fronting 3/4ths of the sorely missed Gestapo Khazi—who were the best punk band to ever come out of Long Beach, and I will stand on Hot Rod Todd’s coffee table in my gay Italian boots and tell him that. This is an immediate must have, if not for the highly collectable matchbook packaging with a match included (fucking brilliant!) then for the two-perfectly crafted paranoid punk tunes that manage to sound as vintage as they do futuristic. Kaiban goes for a slightly more confident Grisham-esque delivery on this one, through the tight, catchy, and darker tones coloring these interwoven arrangements—proving that there should be zero shame in top-notch musicianship when communicating messages from the underworld. Fans of Shattered Faith, the Sound, and The Avengers take note!

­—Gabriel Megira