November 16th, 2015 | Album reviews

Contact Field Orchestra
Mapping The Futures Gone By EP
Hit + Run

(available Nov. 23 from Hit + Run)

This album plays like a good cocktail made from the best ingredients—so don’t rush it and don’t try and analyze it. Just let it sink in and then breathe. Like the best found-footage movies, Contact Field Orchestra‘s fourth release offers an example of connection in the weirdest way, using incredible found field recordings with a few genius overlays. Sans keyboards and guitars, these songs would already offer a powerful and a transformative experience. But with the keyboards, the listener is struck by the haunting link between the old and the new. It’s a thoughtful and deliberate experiment in creation in the spirit of a mad scientist from a B-movie, built from raw sampled beats from the original source material and brought to life with keyboards and atmospherics a la Pink Floyd. There are tones—and songs—here reminiscent of early Moby recordings at times, as well as some as strange as anything that Tom Waits has come up with. (The guitars themselves sound haunting and even slightly drunk.) At times, music really can be the highest of art forms, and here we are given a great example.

—Daniel Sweetland