November 12th, 2015 | Album reviews

Banana Cream Dream CS
Burger Records/Lolipop Records

[reposted because this is finally on vinyl!—ed.]

Wyatt Blair’s Banana Cream Dream is the best rock record to seep out of Southern California in years. It’s infectious and lighthearted and fun, an album with that rare ability to shake you wide awake with its own contagious energy. “Sweet Operator (Talkin’ On The Telephone)” has a kind of hard glam vibe, what L.A. RECORD management described so precisely as a dream scenario in which the Sweet was assigned to one of the Equals’ most potent rippers. There’s a current of power pop here, too, like the Beat or L.A.’s underrated Pop. “Girls!” was a standout even as a demo on Burger’s heartwarming Kitty Comp and now it’s a fully formed earworm that will have you struggling to keep quiet as you bop along in your head. “Ba Ba Ba (Life’s a Bitch)” should rightfully be a 45’s killer B-side. And for once the laugh track (“Ladies Man”) will actually put a smile on your face. Banana Cream Dream is out now on cassette and CD, but this is a record that deserves so much more than to be chewed up in a 20-year old car stereo. Buy this to encourage the LP pressing we all wish existed.

—Miles Clements