November 6th, 2015 | Album reviews

The Buttertones
American Brunch

The Buttertones are an up-and-coming young band from L.A. and Long Beach who blend together all the best elements from 50s and early 60s rock ‘n’ roll with current and former members of Cherry Glazerr, Jeffertiti’s Nile, Wild Pack of Canaries and Crystal Antlers. Their style, however, is a very extreme and dramatic divergence from the bands they come from, except for its intensity. American Brunch is ten brand new high-energy tracks all finely crafted with twangy surf guitar riffs, rockabilly rhythms, a rockin’ saxophone, and very distinctive crooner-style vocals. Highlights include the opening song “Dak’s Back” which sets the standard for the album. Most of the songs are very up-tempo with intense build ups and comedowns, but my favorite is the one exception “Baby Doll,” which has a slower, more dreamy and ethereal vibe. Genres are blended here in a way that compliments and highlights all their best aspects, while maintaining a fast-paced high level of energy and intensity. These songs recall early masters like the Ventures, Gene Vincent, and Eddie Cochran, but with subtle modern elements reminiscent of acts such as Tijuana Panthers, Alan Vega, and Bruce Joyner, too—and with a distinctly upbeat twist.

—Desi Ambrozak