October 30th, 2015 | Album reviews

Come On EP

Christian Stone and Annalee Fery of L.A. based rock outfit Howls know a thing or two about the ticking of life’s proverbial clock: after years of a quiet, yet consistent admiration of one another’s work and a few casual collaborations, Stone and Fery ultimately decided to marry their respective talents and all at once, Howls was born. If their first labor of love, an album released in 2014, failed to excite the ears and gladden the hearts of listeners, this new EP entitled surely will. “Krusht,” the first track and undoubtedly the strongest, will sufficiently soothe the sting of an inevitable end to a summer romance with its pulsating drumbeat, straining synths, and tender, truthful lyrics about the passage of time. The hook will remain in your head long after the leaves have changed color. Melancholia takes center stage in all five tracks of Come On, but somehow the EP remains to be entirely danceable. “White Noise,” for instance, evokes a dizzying sense of darkness when coupled with Ferry’s haunting vocals piercing through the bass-filled reverie. Though heavy, it never once loses speed. Much like the people who made it, the EP and all of its polarizing facets just make sense.

—Audra Heinrichs