October 16th, 2015 | Album reviews

Slime EP
Famous Class

Zig Zags had a triumphant 2014—their In The Red full-length debut was a total destroyer, and year endcap “Humans March (Let’s Die)” (on a split 7” celebrating the blitzed-out Keller/Neely comic The Humans) was a spot-on celebration of 70s weirdo exploitation that was half Sabbath crawler and half high-octane rocker. And now they got the slow stuff out of the way: the Slime EP is two fistfuls of songs scooped from the ooze of 80s hardcore. Yes, it does include a 7 Seconds cover—a fully committed ‘“Gonna Have To Fight”—and opener “Gröth” sounds like something yanked off MRR’s Not So Quiet On The Western Front. The real core of this is the “Slime” / “Sunken City” twofer: “Slime” is like a riff on the No Life Til Leather Metallica demo, attached to a midnight-movie horror concept and a guitar break that cranks up the chase-scene tension, and “Sunken City” is like a Static Age Misfits song with some bad-kid vocal hooks and an adorable chorus: “In the sunken city / where I fell in love …” (Shocked they had the restraint to not put “Whoa-oh-ohs” all over this!) Consider it a set of songs that’ll stick to you.

—Chris Ziegler