September 25th, 2015 | Album reviews

Burger Records

Inertia is a killer collection of raw rock songs from a group of no-longer-all-ages punk rockers. Grown up? Yes. But less angry? No. If punk is more a way of life than a defined sound—as Joe Strummer, Johnny Ramone, and countless others have shown us—then Vision is clearly a punk band, from the powerful opening number “What I Need” (where the band pleads “Don’t take my soul from me!”) or the soft-spoken but still aggressive closer “Endless Flow.” Vision’s new album stands toe-to-toe with the band’s previous effort, both in terms of writing and raw emotional energy, as well as the on-point bass playing and ferocious vocals—signature traits of a band that has always deserved more attention than they’ve been given. This is a raging collection of ten well-delivered and strongly produced songs. With age comes understanding and Inertia is telling example of that principle in action.

—Daniel Sweetland