September 19th, 2015 | Album reviews

Sophomore Slump EP

It took all of thirty six seconds of lending an ear to L.A. native Duderella’s third EP, Sophomore Slump, to decide that I have never—and probably never will again—heard something quite as tenacious, as gutsy, or as defiant as Duderella’s Daniel Reyes with a mic at his mouth. To state that I could very literally feel his spit on my face would be an understatement. With tracks like “Supreme (FuckfacE)” and “NSFW”, one certainly has a clue what to expect, but the songs themselves will leave listeners with gaping mouths and curious minds. “Sophomore Slump” is the most obvious standout, yet “Yin Yang” and “Attention” are the strongest lyrically. The combination of strained yet almost sensual vocals, pulsating bass and lyrics that would bring hurt to even the hardest of hearts makes Duderella a rare breed. Love him or hate him, one thing is for certain: Sophomore Slump will stick with you long after you’re done wiping the spit from your face.

—Audra Heinrichs