August 28th, 2015 | Album reviews

“The Little Things” 7”
Mono Records

Tracy Bryant is a steady hand in a very shaky music scene—he is a master of dance beat punk on his solo project and with his band Corners, and an amazing singer, performer, and writer. Tracy’s newest single “The Little Things” is an example of everything we love and respect about this post-punk maestro. With beautifully delivered and toned guitars and a wonderfully catchy vocal line this is a song to be sung loud and on repeat. The B-side is a tom-drum pounding anthem to hope and despair. “If I could be the only man, at least I did the best I can,” he sings with regret and love. The single is filled with shoegaze-y vocals and exceptional guitar paying. Tracy is backed by Joo Joo Ashworth (lead guitar) Jeremy Katz (Bass) and Cameron Allen (Drums) all from Froth, and recorded by Joel Jerome. Whether alone or with his band, Mr. Bryant is on his game every time.

—Daniel Sweetland