when we interviewed them: “Quentin, call us.”)" /> L.A. Record


August 18th, 2015 | Album reviews

A Date With Bombón EP

A Date … starts with lullabye-xylophone and ends with a spaghetti-western trumpet salute echoing toward infinity, and wouldn’t that make a movie you’d wanna see? (Like the band told us when we interviewed them: “Quentin, call us.”) Unlike other bands currently confused about the difference between saying something and actually doing something, Bombón really is a surf-garage band, with reverb and fuzz to indicate degrees of drama and pipeline runs down the E-string when the big waves are coming: “Cosmic Surf” is that song, a water-born descendent of the underappreciated Bananas’ “Pink Tuxedo” that sounds more ghost-ship-py than space-y, with honking bari sax and a Dick Dale break in the middle. But lots of the rest of this is Bombón gone rock, with “Somebody Told Me” as thee crusher: a glorious/fearless Pandoras stormer with four chords, tuff harmonies and a ferociously corrosive “WAAAAAAAAGH!” in the first 15 seconds. Middle break is bleeding reverb—nice touch, a lesser band woulda done the expected fuzz—and like the Sparkles’ “No Friend Of Mine” or the Haunted’s “1-2-5,” Bombón rides the riff til the wheels fall off. “Pow Wow” is like the Sweet’s “Wig Wam Bam” as re-wrangled by Sam The Sham, with appropriately wolf-y ah-woooooooos and a waterfall of guitar, and “Swedish Fish” is rivet-popping Milkshakes/5-6-7-8s instro-rock. Opener “Dance Like Annette” is Shangri-Las/Leslie Gore melodrama about Funicelloid beach drama, done with punk sarcasm a la David Johansen and the way he says L-U-V. And “La Sirena” is the grand finale, a Ventures-style closing-credits epic with Morricone horn flourishes and a dynamic shift in the middle that probably indicates the part where the gunslinger staggers back into the scorching desert. If they still made movies like this, you could call this record cinematic.

—Chris Ziegler