August 14th, 2015 | Album reviews

Hermits on Holiday
Heavenly Recordings

Velvet-throated folksinger Cate Le Bon first met good friend Tim Presley when his band opened for hers at a gig in Los Angeles. Instantly a very smitten Presley prompted Le Bon to tour the U.S. with him as the guitarist for his California psych-rock outfit White Fence. She agreed, and with time the pair found they were far better working together than they ever were apart. Thus is the origin story of Drinks. “Hermits on Holiday,” the title track of the album, has proved to be a catchy first single since it hit airwaves weeks ago, though it is a far cry from the wildly psychedelic LP. Between the whirring percussion, quirky lyrics and free-wheeling guitar solos, Hermits on Holiday is likely to have one’s head spinning, but album-opener “Laying Down Rock” certainly lays down a firm foundation and guarantees a repeat. Le Bon and Presley prove that Drinks is worth a lot more than just a sip.

—Audra Heinrichs