July 16th, 2015 | Album reviews

Son of the Bums EP

The Cigarette Bums have a penchant for heavy 60s-style garage rock that pairs well with a wild night at a bar. This is evident at any live show that they play. The Bums have a new EP entitled Son Of The Bums that they recently laid down at the Lolipop Records studio. The album is a six-track super lo-fi gem filled with all the pops, hisses, and distant-sounding vocals that you’d get from an old record you found in a thrift store, but with an updated flair. The tunes on this release are a mix of catchy licks and aggressive power tracks that give a great sampling of what this group has to offer. One of the definite highlights of the album is the track “Steal It,” which starts out with a fast and gritty guitar track that carries the melody for Steven Carrera’s belts and screeches of the song’s lyrics. The song cuts with a razor’s edge. Another great track is the western-influenced ballad “Stella,” an ode to love and longing. The heavy guitar twangs and bells really set up the slightly melancholic mood of the track. The only caveat is that most people these days prefer a cleaner, more produced-sounding record; however, the vintage nature of the Bums’ sound suits the extremely lo-fi album that they have produced here. Overall, this album would make a great addition to almost any record collection.

—Zachary Jensen