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June 28th, 2015 | Album reviews

Traps PS
Real Corner Shock
Papermade Music

For years, Traps PS has been one of the most exciting members of the Smell/Pehrspace cohort. Many current bands look to 70s-era no wave and post-punk for influence, but Traps PS does so with a unique and hectic energy that sets them apart from their peers and that makes them seem like an update, rather than a retread. They’re masters of the manic explosion, and their live set is so assaultive and ruthlessly frenetic that it would come across as spastic if the trio of Andrew Jeffords, Miles Wintner and Daniel Miller weren’t such proficient players. Their brilliance comes, in part, from seeming like they’re always about to trip over themselves—but they never do. This kind of lightning is hard to bottle, but Traps PS pulls it off on the 14 funk-infected blasts performed with mind-numbing dexterity on Real Corner Shock. At first listen it comes across as a cacophony, but repeated spins reveal layers of twisted hooks on tracks like “Quiet Now” and “Icon Accent.” Traps PS is abrasive, but they occasionally veer towards catchiness on songs like the surprisingly anthemic “EQ” and the singalong breakdown of “New City.” But nothing on this record lasts very long, and the band seems to delight in creating brief transcendent moments and then taking them away. Thus, while Real Corner Shock clocks in at around 20 minutes, it still feels like a journey. The album is highly recommended for anyone who wants to rage.

—Geoff Geis