February 18th, 2015 | Album reviews

Burger Records

There is a moment during some songs, before they have really began to present themselves, when the low rumblings of something is just starting to make its way quietly through the speakers and it could easily be just another song. But suddenly that first real note hits you and it is clear you are listening to something special. This is the experience I had upon first listen of the opening track “Afternoon” on Froth’s latest album Bleak. The guitar melody drones and melds blissfully as the levels are slowly turned up and the song fully kicks in with the heavy drum beat, guitar harmonics, and smooth bass. The song keeps you going from the bridge that has a heavy kick to it and the chorus with the overlapping chants that really set a dark and heavy mood. The track has a very shoegaze yet lo-fi garage quality to it that makes this song a great introduction to the group. Once the song ends, the next track picks up the pace and keeps the train running, but that first track sticks with you till the very end. Quite frankly though, every song on the entire album can do that to you. There is a self-assured quality to this recording and the musicianship that this band displays, easily fooling you into thinking they have been at it for much longer than they have. Another great track on the album is the ballad “Nothing Baby” that has a very Jesus and Mary Chain “Just Like Honey”-quality to it. The song is more like an ode to those great overly saturated dreamy love songs rather than a direct reference. While the previously mentioned songs have a more laid-back tone to them, many of the songs have a faster, more upbeat kick that is just as, if not more, enjoyable to listen to. The single “Turn It Off” is a highlight, with its infectiously simple guitar verse and steady drums laying the groundwork for the raspy vocals and the crazy surf-inspired guitar bridge that really hits. Overall one of the best albums to come out so far this year.

—Zachary Jensen