July 20th, 2014 | Album reviews

The Evangenitals
Moby Dick; Or, the Album
Fluff & Gravy Records

God, I love this album in all its resplendent Americana country soul crazy glory, though I have to admit to never listening to the title track all the way through: it’s a musical summation of the Moby Dick novel itself, which I have not yet read (spoiler free zone!). The rest of the album hits upon the Moby Dick themes more obliquely, and in multiple formats. The most fun is “The Sermon,” a quick little gospel track sung by guest vocalist Dorian Wood that made me think of the Edward Sharpe Home album. I bet the band is very pleased with themselves over their “da da da” rap tune “Turbulent Flow,” but the one that knocks it out of the park is the Bessie Smith cover, “Shipwreck Blues.” The female harmonies between Juli Crockett and Lisa Dee are like the Andrews Sisters re-imagined as tragic mermaids–I haven’t heard harmonies ring this good since the Chapin Sisters were on the scene.

-D. M. Collins