November 21st, 2013 | Album reviews

Folktale Records

Nora Keyes has been in a lot of great bands, but some people HAAAAAAATE her and HAAAAATE her voice. I am not one of those people, and I say unto you, hear this project before you reject her unique soprano stylings for all eternity! In a band like the Centimeters or Fancy Space People, it’s been her goal to sing with wild, shrill abandon (and delightfully so). But she does know restraint and can sing like a cherub if she wants to, or at least a young English schoolboy attempting to sound angelic, which, in a world without angels, is the next best thing. Here she’s paired with Jimi Cabeza de Vaca: their first song, “Oracle,” is an almost psychedelic, sunshine pop song, in which her echoey voice is tracked and retracked to produce choral harmonies over Jimi’s simple guitar parts-it’s like a Lavender Diamond song the Pied Piper might blast from his jeep as he leads children away into actual diamond mines. The B-side is more overtly haunting, like an snippet of opera, but it’s beautiful too, like the silvery surface of water in a wishing well! You can imagine Nora herself, grinning, waiting, just beneath the surface of the water…

-D. M. Collins