July 29th, 2013 | Album reviews

image courtesy of band

Raw Geronimo
Dream Fever
Neurotic Yell

Raw Geronimo, Laena Geronimo’s solo project, is probably the one aspect of the giant Swahili Blonde/Jail Weddings/Dante vs. Zombies semi-collective that’s hardest to pin down (and that’s saying something): it’s aggressive but not punk, open but still structured with killer riffs and drum beats, experimental but not psychedelic. Perhaps the two standout features on this album are, as always, Laena’s defiantly feminine voice, which squeals up and down her ecstatic register punctuated by exuberant shouts and yelps (Lena Lovich is an oft-referenced referent), and percussion by Lauren Fay, who shakes maracas with such a savage demeanor she once literally made my girlfriend cry just by looking at her. On this album, there are a few moments when I wished that percussion referenced less Native American caricature and explored something more legitimately feral. But damnit, these songs are sexy, and maybe it’s okay to adopt a little “exotic” cosplay when you’re trying to be sexy!
—D.M. Collins