September 11th, 2012 | Album reviews

Peaking Lights
Weird World Record Co

Yet another power couple (Why do you mock my singledom, music world?)! Indra Dunis (from Numbers) and Aaron Coyes (from about 40 bands) are so in love that they have fucking bred a child, and in amongst all the breeding they somehow found time to make a couple killer electronic, “dubby” albums. This, their third, may be the dubbiest of the bunch, its bassy grooves and “Fat Lady of Limburg” electro percussion somehow allowing it to straddle the line between IDM-inspired electronica, King Tubby/Jah Wobble reggae, and something Conny Plank studios might have put out in 1974. But, of course, nobody at Conny Plank studios had Dunis’ voice, which has the kind of detached, nun-like chasteness not usually seen this side of bossa nova or Sade–it takes an already wonderful tableau and pushes it into the realm of the remarkable, and publications like the fucking UK Guardian have been taking note! Don’t come to the album expecting a witchy dark time based on the title–“Lucifer” in this case clearly means the morning star, AKA Venus, and yes, we get it, it is the “morning” of your son Miko’s new life, ya sappy bastards! Here’s a begrudging congratulations to you for creating one of the most moving songs to a newborn since David Bowie wrote “Kooks.”

-D. M. Collins