August 31st, 2012 | Album reviews

Demo Team

I get the feeling that bandleader J. Green giggles to himself every now again at the witty joke he’s just composed in his head… there’s a certain unfiltered id about this album, which maybe is what happens when a bunch of young men grow up in artistic households playing classical instruments and being told how great they are–the crippling doubt that causes most of us to self-edit (or just give up entirely) never happened to these fellow. And so we get jokes about squirrels stealing your nuts, and belches as punctuation, and ruminations on the failings of Wilhelm Reich. But songs like “God Given Gift” hint that they’re self-aware of their affliction. And if their freak-folk double-bass and horns and harps and cheesy Casio tones annoy more than they inspire, well, I’d still rather have bands like this with total creative diarrhea than the “serious” indie rock fakers who currently are bullying their way into the folk designation.

-D. M. Collins