August 6th, 2012 | Album reviews

Dday One
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In a genre that by its nature is across-the-board eclectic, Dday One has been weaving samples into beautiful breakbeat symphonies since, er, Day One, in a way that feels a little old-school–no Nosaj Thing glitches here–yet gives hometown faves like DJ Nobody and even Daedelus a run for their money. Going from strait-up jazz and flamenco samples to serene backward-masked lullabies and back again within the same song, he’s a genre unto himself, and this record proves the adage that everybody’s old stuff is better: with a whole lot of bite, creativity, and turntablism, this sounds more advanced than where we are now, 13 years later. And the new restoration job on the sound makes this vinyl LP sound like five different bands are playing xylophones in your head at the same time. Far out.

-D. M. Collins