June 29th, 2012 | Album reviews

The Lovely Bad Things
New Ghost/Old Waves

Giving this album a listen was like taking some weird trip through a huge garage where all the different music phases I’ve gone through throughout my life were playing: surf, Riot Grrrl, punk, indie, and even a little No Doubt (their ska-era sound, circa 1990). Too far-fetched?  In my dreams? Considering that an EP technically isn’t a full length album, it’s pretty amazing that the Lovely Bad Things are able to show such diversity in such a short amount of time.  The beginning of New Ghost/Old Waves is playfully deceptive: what starts as a couple of indie tracks with female vocals turns into a cornucopia of mighty garage-driven genres. “Icee Creeps” begins a little surfy, with a nice guitar twang to open, and then develops in a Bikini Kill-esque sound: multiple harmonies and fast-paced drums.  “Dinosaur Song” picks the listener up and throws them up against the wall, expecting them to get up and return the favor—its high energy just begs for destruction. It’s that energy, those driving guitar riffs, and the constant presence of Lauren Curtius’s vocals that string together what otherwise might be a disconnect between the songs. When everything completely slows down for the last song, “Blood on My Moccasins,” the EP’s most trippy, folky number, you’ll be glad! At last, your heartbeat has a chance to catch up with the rest of your body.

-Chelsea Green