May 24th, 2012 | Album reviews

Magical Properties

Commitments follows and hides and turns corners like recurring hallucinations. Like lovers, too. See, the song titles are romanticky and full of thoughts. The beast awakes, whistling and sniffling on “Weight.” “Dark Rooms, Illuminate” is a ghost taking shape, its flesh solidifying as your eyes peel open and a gasp tries to form itself, by the bed. A “Snuffclutch” drags itself across the street, followed by a chain that keeps skipping cracks, and mutters strangeness in the ear. Some songs are short little moments, while others hypnotically stretch out like swoopy fabric made of worms. “Attachments” is folky on the outside, then bursts open, spilling a delicious yolk of glitchy beats. This is the sound of now, the 2010s. “Rhizome” will run up and down your spine as if your body is a set of stairs. Galapagoose is for fans of Flying Lotus and Daedelus. Commitments is strange and soothing, like technology. This programmer, instrumentalist, monomer from Down Under likes to start off simple but gets sophisticated and unusual as the seconds turn into minutes turn into more voices and footsteps and breathing. He fits perfectly in the extended family of Alpha Pup via Daedelus’ imprint, Magical Properties. There’s so much magic and beat crunching and crackling and bells and ebbing m and w sounds and outer space, and not much heavy bass and a lot of snapping beat fingers. See “A Time For Us.” Put this record on and spend the day in a revolving door. “One Who Can’t Move” is so sweet, Julie Andrews set it as her ringtone.

—Daiana Feuer